• Vegetable Glycerine (Pharmaceutical Grade / Food Grade / Kosher)

This Product is Food Grade/Pharmaceutical and Kosher.

Vegetable Glycerine (also known as glycerol) is a simple polyol (sugar alcohol) compound. It is a colourless, odourless, viscous liquid that is widely used in pharmaceutical formulations. Glycerol has three hydroxyl groups that are responsible for its solubility in water and it hygroscopic nature. Glycerol is sweet tasting and generally considered non-toxic.

CAS Number: 56-81-5

EC Number: 200-289-5

MSDS: Glycerine (Veg)


This product is available in a range of sizes, 5 litre and above are all packed in 5 litre bottles for your convenience and ease of use, should you require different packaging, please ask. We have a large selection of bottle sizes, drums and IBC's.

200 Litres and above will be supplied in 25 Litre Food Grade Stackable Jerry Cans unless prior arrangements have been made.


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Vegetable Glycerine (Pharmaceutical Grade / Food Grade / Kosher)

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